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Introduction :

Webacces is a Open-Source project designed to administrate Half-Life & MODs game servers (now, only the mod Counter-Strike is supported) via a Web Interface. It's using a Admin Mod Plugin to get infos about the server and players, and a PHP script that get back the infos of the Admin Mod plugin, and send commands to execute. The biggest disaventage of this method is that commands aren't send on-the-fly and the lag is about 5 secs. The other disaventage is that the server files must be accessible by the PHP script, even if they are on the same server, or using a FTP.

What you need :

Demonstration :

You can test here the latest version of WebAcces. All informations are random all the commands are turned off.

Goto demonstration (User : demo Pass : demo)

Download :

The latest version is beta 0.2a. You can test it (see uper) to see all the functions of this relase.
With this beta you can finally use the FTP (again in test) and change the MOTD and MAPCYCLE
You can get the sources in the CVS

Download Page

Installation :

Using Webacces :

The only command added to server is "admin_webacces <1/0>" to activate or desactivate the WebAcces. Note that this command require the max rights on the server (ACCES_RCON)

Support and Contact

WebAcces by Bouchon,